Chrono Virus

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Chrono Virus 'Retro'
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Science fiction novella audiobook by Aaron Crocco narrated by Osian Edwards. It is shipped on a 4GB ‘Cassette Tape’ USB Stick with your selected artwork and can be download immediately after purchase.

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It was supposed to be just another cargo run, but for the three-person crew of the Raven, an anomaly in deep space changes everything. Unexplained turbulence shakes the small ship like never before, allowing a deadly virus aboard. One by one the infected crew is thrown back in time to relive a near-death experience, only this time death may be closer than they remember.


Length: 1 hour 18 minutes.

Author: Aaron Crocco.

Read by: Osian Edwards.

Published by: In Ear Entertainment.

Author Biography

Aaron Crocco is a talented author and podcaster who receives great reviews for his science fiction writing. This story has been brought to life by Osian Edwards.

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Chrono Virus 'Modern', Chrono Virus 'Retro'

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