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Gravehuffer – Blasphemusic & Your Fault

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Gravehuffer is an extreme metal/punk/hardcore band who have been together since 2008. Your Fault is our latest album, released in 2017, and Blasphemusic was our first album, released in 2012.

The USB Tape contains both MP3 and high-quality WAV versions of Your Fault and Blasphemusic along with lyrics for both of the albums. It also contains music videos for:

  • Shut Up And Skate
  • Destroyer of Worlds
  • Kill for Sport

You can download the MP3 albums after purchase.



The recording is a seamless potpourri of Thrash, Death Metal, grind, punk and old school hardcore…It sounds like they were having a ton of fun recording each song.

Carter – Music The Lifeblood


If you are a fan of the accused, nunslaughter, voivod, cryptic slaughter, C.O.C… etc etc… you get the drift. raw vocals, raw riffs, and spot on songwriting.

Poopy Necroponde – Poopy Necroponde


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