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Imagination Adventures (Limited Run)


Available on back-order

We gone and done did a mistake. We had planned a Imagination Adventures tape to contain Dinosaur World but after we made this we found out Jackson had a threequel in the works to complete his “thrillogy” (Yes, he used that word).

So, for a limited run, we bring you Imagination Adventures The Mistake Tape.


  • The two precursor Plumbing the Death Star episodes – Available as MP3s once purchased.
  • Dinosaur Park – Available instantly as a ZIP file once purchased.
  • Dinosaur World – Available instantly as a ZIP file once purchased.

That’s 19 hours and 38 minutes of Dinosaur RPG adventures. This comes in limited edition cover art and, most importantly, early access to Dinosaur Universe when that is ready.

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Dinosaur World

Our name is Joel. Our world is jungle and blood. Once, we used to test theme parks… Make the world a safer place… Now, nowhere is safe. Jackson Baly Hammond is dead but his legacy lives on.

Twenty klicks out of the Forbidden Zone, deep in Swine-Man territory, Also Joel and Ape Joel must survive a harsh new land as they hunt for the fabled missing Nan Keys…

Dinosaur Park

The 1985 tabletop RPG where Joel and Also Joel have a very bad time in Dinosaur Park. Dinosaur Park comes from episodes of the Plumbing the Death Star podcast called ‘Is John Hammond a Bad Boss?’ and ‘Dinosaur Park 2: The Lost Park’. You do not need to have listened to these but it may help in understanding the beginning of the Dinosaur Park RPG adventure.

Dinosaur Universe



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