MarsCorp Season 1


Catastrophic failure of the MarsCorp computer network is highly unlikely [citation needed], however, in order to guard against all potential eventualities, including monster attack, asteroid strike and gross negligence, MarsCorp provides its human capital with key instructions for successful task execution on a solid-state tape, accessible through any standard issue computer and the coffee bot on level 11.

MarsCorp is a comedy podcast series about a dysfunctional terraforming colony on the red planet, brought to you by Definitely Human. The USB tape contains all 12 episodes of Season 1 along with all six parts of The Martin Chronicles (as high-quality WAVs) and the Halloween and Christmas specials.

Running time (series 1): 9 hours 12 minutes.

Running time (Extras): 1 hour 29 minutes.

Plus, as a first for Audiobooks on Tape, the insert for the USB tape contains 5 extra pages (that’s 10 extra panels). Each one bringing you amazing artwork from the series.

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