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Horror novella audiobook by Anthony J Rapino narrated by Ian Baldwin. It is shipped on a 4GB ‘Cassette Tape’ USB Stick with your selected artwork and can be download immediately after purchase.

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Have you ever wanted the ability to alter the world around you? To have the very nature of existence bend to your whims? Have you ever been to Moon Hill? This great horror novella, set in the Anthony J Rapino’s Moon Hill universe is filled with strange manifestations, odd happenings and not-so-random chance encounters. It’s time for you to visit Moon Hill.


Length: 2 hours 28 minutes.

Author: Anthony J Rapino.

Read by: Ian Baldwin.

Published by: In Ear Entertainment.

Author biography

Anthony J. Rapino has published his debut novel, Soundtrack to the End of the World, and also has a short story collection, Welcome to Moon Hill. He also had a story published in the In Ear audiobook Exquisite Death.

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