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What is DRM and how does it apply to audiobooks?

CC BY-SA 3.0 – Brendan Mruk and Matt Lee

DRM, or digital rights management, is a way for companies to limit the use of a specific file. DRM is not restricted to audiobooks but one of the most aggressive uses of it has been with them. You will also find DRM in music files, ebooks and computer programs.

By using DRM a company is able to control how you use a file. For instance, a company could ensure that you are only able to listen to an audiobook through their app, or are only allowed to listen to in twice before you have to pay for it again.

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Books On Tape Make a Modern Comeback

Why just download an audiobook when you can display it?

Audiobooks are becoming a standard part of any book-lovers personal library. They allow them to enjoy their favourite author or narrator while commuting to work, walking the dog or just relaxing at the end of a hard day of work.

However as audiobooks have become more digital they have also become more hidden in our all-important home libraries. Showing off an impressive list of audiobook icons on a tablet isn’t quite the same as pointing someone at the bulging bookshelves filled with well-loved dog-eared paperbacks.

In Ear Entertainment wants to solve that by introducing its Audiobooks On Tape product. Linking back to the ‘books on tape’ that many people experienced in their youth, it sells audiobooks on a USB memory stick shaped like a cassette tape, complete with case, J-card and cassette stickers.

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