About Us

Something to get your hands on

Audiobooks On Tape wants to make you proud of your audio collection. It shouldn’t just be a list of files on a phone App or a collection of thumbnails on your computer. any audio product, like books, CDs, Vinyl and so on, should be displayed. They should have pride of place on your bookshelf.

We sell audiobooks on a ‘cassette tape’ USB drive. Each audiobook comes with sleeve (J-card) artwork to ensure it looks great on anyone’s shelf.

This allows you to proudly display your audiobooks as you do with your paper ones. Moving the great digital medium of audiobooks back into the physical world.


Fair distribution deals

Publishers are facing threats from all sides. Large companies that dominate the digital distribution market online have been setting royalty rates so low that publishers can barely stay afloat. Couple this with long-term contracts and it means fewer books being released and less money going to the authors and narrators.

We don’t believe this is fair. Our distribution deals are non-exclusive with a term length more suited to the digital world. We provide a fair royalty rate to all publishers so that you know that when you buy one of the audiobooks listed on this site the publisher is getting a fair payment.