No Such Thing As A Fish – The Complete Second Year

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The fully remastered, complete second year of No Such Thing As A Fish, plus a bonus filmed episode!

The award-winning No Such Thing As A Fish podcast has been running for over four years now, but everyone knows Year 2 (episodes 53-104) was really when they peaked.

Here, on a USB disguised as a cassette tape (feel free to try it in your cassette player though, just for laughs)*, you can own 52 episodes of nerdy, fact-filled, yeti-addled joy, as well as an exclusive, never-before-seen episode filmed at the Fish offices in Covernt Garden.

*No Such Thing As A Fish will not be held responsible for broken cassette players.

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8 reviews for No Such Thing As A Fish – The Complete Second Year

  1. sbgrundy (verified owner)

    This is a review in two parts:
    1. The cassette is a thing of beauty and brings back happy memories of loading an old C60 or C90 into the tape recorder. Brilliant looking!
    2. The content is engaging and I dare you to try and listen to it without breaking into laughter. I am a regular listener to the podcast so had heard all the programmes before but had forgotten most of the content. ( I did at one or two points think I was very smart because I knew the fact only to remember that I had heard it on the podcast.) This is very like sitting in a pub with a few pals talking rubbish and entertaining one and other. It is a great listen and incredible value at only £15.99
    Buy it!

  2. James Reilly

    Fantastic fish as always. If you want to find out information to almost impress/annoy your friends. By starting with the sentence “did you know?” Then this is the tape for you. Plus an extra never to be released anywhere else content. This product provides it all. Genuinely a quite interesting,see what I done there, amazing product. Can’t wait for the year 3 8track.

  3. Rhian Heulwen Price (verified owner)

    First of all I’ve loved this podcast since it’s pilot. It’s funny and informative which is a perfect combination !
    The design of this is really cool too. If you’re a fan of QI or just interesting facts in general then you’ll love this. I know I do.

  4. Caroline Chapman (verified owner)

    Love the idea, old enough to remember cassettes fondly but not fondly enough to want to grab a pencil to wind the loose tape back in… Great that you can watch an episode too, always a joy. Highly recommended x

  5. dagmarmakara (verified owner)

    I only regret that there aren’t more Fish sticks yet!

    Great show guys, keep it up.


  6. Chris (verified owner)

    I really love the podcast and have listened to almost every episode twice now. It is something that always helps me relax after work. I love buying the two first years because I listen to them so much it feels good to support the fish so they can keep making more.

    Also I love lightning.

  7. Laura Clegg (verified owner)

    I can’t believe they’ve Been on the air for 4 years and I just heard of them this spring. I now spend everyday to and from work catching up on this back catalogue and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to pull over because I was laughing so hard. Episode 82 and the Alaskan sex time so far is my favorite. Favorite Episode not my favorite sex time. Thanks for the laughs and I’ll be catching a flight over to Ireland in March for the show and can’t wait ?

  8. David Cox (verified owner)

    Gutted. Had mine sent to Australia. Does’t work. Tried it in 2 laptops, a TV, digital set top box and my Blu Ray played. Thet don’t even pick up its there. Downloads are good though. Great content. Just going to order another. Not worth the cost of sending it back

    • markchatterley

      Hey, we’ll get another one in the post to you next week. Apologies that it didn’t work. We check them all as they leave us but sometimes a bump in transit can knock a chip loose etc.

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