The Will of the Woods

The Will of the Woods 'Modern'
The Will of the Woods 'Modern'
The Will of the Woods 'Retro'
The Will of the Woods 'Retro'

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In The Will Of The Woods we meet the Elves that live happily and untroubled in the middle of the Infinite Woods. They are led by the wizard Saffredon, the eldest and wisest living among them. One day, as young elves Nuzwick and Myrilia go out to search for some anemones, they discover a mysterious gate, which, despite looking many centuries old, they could swear was never there before…

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The Will of the Woods is a fairy tale for all ages, brought to life by a talented cast of voice actors, a wide range of mysterious and intruiging sound effects and a wonderful music score.

Enter the magical world of the Infinite Woods, where a young Elven girl seeks out the help of a grim-looking Wraith and sets out on a quest to find her lost friend. The story is suitable for everyone and anyone who simply loves beautiful stories and fairy tales.

The Will of the Woods won the 2012 Gold Ogle Award for Best Fantasy Audio Drama at CONvergence, Minneapolis.

Length: 2 hours, 32 minutes.

Author: Domien De Groot.

Read by:

  • Domien De Groot: Narrator, Barm, The Wraith, Cpt. Winkeye, The Monster
  • Stephanie Cuyt: Myrilia
  • Niklaas Reinhold: Saffredon
  • Eline Hoskens: Nuzwick, Tanna, The Dorzles
  • Grace van Lysebetten: Redla
  • Aron Bohdanowicz: Voltom The Mole Alchemist, The Southern Rat, The French Rat
  • James Bishop: Bor The Lumberjack.

Created by Audio Epics

Audio Epics is an award-winning team that creates fantasy audio drama, located in Antwerp, Belgium. Find out more about them on their website.

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