D&D is for Nerds 5th Ed + Season 1

D&D is for Nerds 'Retro'
D&D is for Nerds 'Retro'
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Join the Sanspants Radio team in an 8-hour exclusive D&D is for Nerds podcast 5th Edition D&D adventure: The Merchant of Grapebirth. You’ll also get all 14 ½ hours of season 1 with your purchase – where the band of explorers go wizard hunting.

Sample: Merchant of Grapebirth 5th edition adventure.

Sample: Season 1

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Listen to the Sanspants Radio team sit around a table, pretend to be different people and play some good old fashioned Dungeons and Dragons in this podcast. Starring Jackson B. Baly, Joel L. Zammit, Alli Kathleen plus special guests and our favourite DM, Adam.

You will get a never heard before 5th edition adventure created by Sanspants Radio. Hot off the heals of the hugely popular season 1 of D&D is for Nerds (That hit number 12 in the iTunes podcast chart) the team sits down to have a play with D&D 5th Ed in The Merchant of Grapebirth. A rotating cast joins them as they explore dungeons and, possibly, dragons.

With this purchase you’ll get instant access to all of the 8-hours of Merchant of Grapebirth and the entire season 1 of D&D is for Nerds as a digital download. You’ll also receive a 4GB retro and cool USB cassette tape through the post with the adventures pre-loaded on it.

Sample: Merchant of Grapebirth 5th edition adventure.

Sample: Season 1

Running time exclusive 5th edition: 8 hours, 12 minutes.

Running time season 1: 14 hours, 30 minutes.

Created by Sanspants Radio

Sanspants Radio is a comedy podcast network based out of Melbourne, Australia. They recently fumbled their way to the top of iTunes and want to continue fumbling their way into your ears, but most importantly, your hearts.

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D&D is for Nerds 'Modern', D&D is for Nerds 'Retro'

6 reviews for D&D is for Nerds 5th Ed + Season 1

  1. Rory Spence

    This is an excellent product. It’s well built and designed with a nice retro look and feel. The series contained on the USB is also excellent. If you’re looking for a fun fantasy romp that doesn’t take itself too seriously look no further. Whether you are experienced in Dungeons and Dragons or not, you’re sure to get a laugh out of this wacky adventure.

  2. Noah

    I love this podcast, and have been listening since the start, and will continue to listen as long as it is being made. The only fault that I have is that the digital download of the series is not working. If anyone has any helpful tips or a solution, that would be very much appreciated. Other than that, thank you sanspants for staying awesome, HOW GOOD!

    • AudiobooksOnTape

      Hi there. We can help. You should have got an email with all the links on it when you bought the product. What happens when you click the links in that? Let us know and we’ll get you sorted. You can email support@audiobooksontape.com

  3. Zach (verified owner)

    Excellent D&D podcast.

    I binged every episode and now I’m waiting for the next season so I can buy it on day one.

    I very highly recommend this podcast as well as the entire sanspants radio podcast lineup.

  4. Jacob Smith

    Absolutely love the podcast! Got me right into playing D&D and Pathfinder. Now there is a cassette tape USB with all of the episodes from season 1, some of which haven’t even aired. Also you get a bonus 5ed adventure! Not to mention the fact that you can now download them online if you are to impatient.
    All is good so far, my order should within the week and then I will be really happy. I wish that there will be a season 2 and that you can get it on tape, will defiantly buy that! 😀

  5. Josh Daniells

    Best Christmas Present ever!

    Jiggalump for life! However had a problem with the #13 My new best friend! Its missing!

    How will I figure out if they escape the well lizards!

    • AudiobooksOnTape

      Those pesky well-lizards seem to have got access to your USB tape and pulled a fast one. We’re on the case and will defeat them in a battle that the bards will sing about for generations.

      You should have an email from us now.

  6. Emily Newman (verified owner)

    Perfect quality, speedy delivery and looks just like the picture. The only problem is that the USB is a bit loose. This means when you try and plug it in, you have to squeeze the casing else it slides in and doesn’t go in properly, therefore doesn’t show up. Simply needs a bit of strong glue when being put together.
    Other than that, great product, great idea and obviously excellent content.

    • AudiobooksOnTape

      Our apologies about this. It seems some of the USB tapes in the last batch we got didn’t get the glueing they were meant to. We’re happy to replace your tape if you like. We will send you an email.

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