A Song of Sand and Snow Modern


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Join the Sanspants Radio team as they have more D&D adventures, including the last campaign of the lovable Alli Kathleen. With special guests including Gabriel Bergmoser, Jackson’s Dad, Joel Duscher and Michael Shanks.

Included on this USB Tape:

  • D&D is for Nerds Vol. 3: Hus Firma Pride.
  • Northern Bounty SideQuest.
  • D&D is for Nerds Vol. 4: Buried Beneath.
  • D&D Adventure The Day the Circus Came to Town.

And two adventures never been released on the free feed:

  • D&D is for Dad.
  • Merchant of Grapebirth Vol. 3 Every Little Thing He Does Is Magic.

Running time: 48 hours, 47 minutes.

Created by Sanspants Radio

Sanspants Radio is a comedy podcast network based out of Melbourne, Australia. They recently fumbled their way to the top of iTunes and want to continue fumbling their way into your ears, but most importantly, your hearts.

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